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"I have had the honour of serving for over 20 years as the Markham Area 1 Catholic Trustee and 8 years as a Director of the Ontario Catholic School Trustee Association. The skills, knowledge and experience gained during this time have enabled me to fulfill my duties with competence and an attention to detail that assures Markham ratepayers of excellent representation."

Professional accomplishments include:

  • Establishing the International Baccalaureate program at St. Robert CHS, a regional Arts academy at St. Michael’s CES, the STEM technology focus at St. Augustine CHS, French Immersion at St. Anthony and St. John XIII, and partnering with the City of Markham to raise a domed sports field in Thornhill

  • Implementing stringent controls and oversight processes for Board budgets

  • Collaborating with the Ontario Bishops and other Catholic education partners to ensure that a comprehensive and Gospel-infused curriculum guides student achievement in our schools

  • Serving as Chair of the Board, the Audit committee and the Joint Board transportation consortium

  • Providing professional development opportunities for school council members and working with YCPIC to better engage parents in their children’s education

  • Participating in labour negotiations and Human Resource management

  • Leading the YCDSB to achieve provincial recognition as a top performing school board with the best graduation rates in Ontario

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